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Here are comments from our “extended” families; the wonderful people who adopted our babies!


Here is a photo of Phoebe from several weeks ago.  She loves that pillow.  And, she likes to sleep on the top bunk with my son.  I think she thinks they are in a tree together or something.  She waits for him to go to bed then scampers into his room during "tuck in" so I will lift her to the top bunk!  Sometimes she sleeps there all night.  They are buddies.  During the day, when the kids are at school, she follows me around. Well, she follows me, or the dog, Daisy. LOL  Hoping all is well with you.

Happy new year,


Janet Balke, President at NursExec, Inc.

March 21, 2013

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Dear Kathryn D. Van Der Linden,

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Details of the Recommendation: "Kathy is a consummate professional with excellent customer assessment skills. Her follow up service and availability to customers is exceptional. I would recommend Kathy as top tier service provider."

Service Category: Bengal Breeder

Year first hired: 2013

Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity


Pamela Breckenridge, Mar 16, 2013

Why should dogs have all the fun and be the only ones to go hiking?!  :-)

I did some research on hiking cats and came across a Bengal cat that was hiking. Since I am an avid hiker and outdoor enthusiast I was fascinated and soon found BoutiqueBengals!

I can't speak highly enough of BoutiqueBengals and their breeders, Kathy and Kelly. Over the past few months the breeders and I have really gotten to know each other. They told me that, "You buy the cat and the breeder," and weeks after taking Roo home I can honestly say that that is a true statement. Kathy and Kelly are honest, personable, and genuinely care about their cats. It's wonderful knowing they are there for me if I have any questions or concerns with my Bengal, Roo. Prior to picking up Roo I had a really good sense of what kind of temperament and personality she had. They even started harness training her before I took her home. I believe that helped since Roo had no problems adapting to her new harness. 

BoutiqueCats Roo

I've taken Roo on hikes, a canoe trip, walks outside and to work! She does great! Timid at first, but is soon exploring. She is already lighting up other people's lives outside of my own. I am a physical therapist and when I brought her to work the patients' faces just lit up! Even on outdoor adventures she brings smiles to faces. My family and friends love her already and haven't even met her! She is therapeutic for the soul! She is affectionate, playful, jumps in the shower every now and then, plays in the tub, loves car rides, lets me clip her nails, purrs up a storm, traces of shedding, very soft and loves attention!

I can't thank Kathy and Kelly enough. They're welcoming, respectful, helpful, supportive and committed to breeding high quality Bengals. I am blessed to have found them and to have such an amazing kitten.

I can't wait for more hikes, outdoor adventures and a fun-filled life with Roo!



Jonah Gillette Feb 24, 2013

Kathy and Kelly,

Here's a testimonial for you to put up on your website or wherever else you wish.  As I said earlier, feel free to post my email address as well.

My wife, 3 1/2 year old daughter and I were looking to add a Bengal kitten to our home to go along with our 9 1/2-year-old Bengal and 13-year-old domestic long hair.  We had a very specific idea in mind of the type of kitten we were looking for, and had spent a month talking to various breeders.  We did not want a breeder who gave us the, "all of our kittens are like that" response, or one who we felt was just telling us what we wanted to hear to make a sale.  We wanted a breeder who would rather pass on a sale than put a kitten into the wrong home, one who we felt was invested in the cats welfare for the entirety of its life, and would be there for us after the sale as well, whether days or years later.

BoutiqueCats Raistlin

Upon calling BoutiqueBengals and telling them what we were looking for Kathy and Kelly were honest and open with us.  They told us what they had available and gave detailed descriptions of each cat's disposition and personality at their current age, as well as that of the parents of the available kittens.  While we were in no way pressured to choose one cat over the other, or even make a purchase at all, they did offer their opinion on which one of their animals would be the best fit for our household.  We ended up following their recommendation, and it is obvious they knew what they were talking about.

From the time we first contacted them right through his arrival into our home a week later, Kathy kept in constant contact via phone, text, and email with both myself and my wife.  They promptly answered every question we had, in great length and detail, guided us on feeding raw when we expressed a desire to learn more about feeding a raw diet, and were on top of every step of his shipment.  They went above and beyond by bringing him to the airport for a 4:00AM flight.  

Besides being a gorgeous animal, we were stunned that after a 10 hour travel day from Dallas to Boston, with two flights and a layover, that the kitten hopped out of his cage, played for 4 hours straight, taking the occasional break to hop into our laps and behaved as if he had been part of our family for years.  In all of our years with kittens, including Bengals, we have never seen an animal ingratiate itself in such a manner.  It was truly stunning to see such a well-adapted trusting animal.  He slept under the covers with us his first night, and woke us up with toys in his mouth that morning.  

Anyone looking to add a Bengal to be a true part of their family would be well served contacting BoutiqueBengals.

Jonah and Lisa Gillette



Emily West, February 24, 2013

This Christmas, Santa brought us a Bengal Cat!  Pippin (or "Pip," as we most often call him) has brought a new energy to our home and to our existing pets. For several years, we have admired the exotic markings of the Bengal house cat and said "when the time is right, we will find our perfect Bengal." I don't think you can truly describe the beauty and grace of a Bengal until you experience sprawling in the floor with little Bengal kittens running, playing and climbing all over you!  I and my husband, a trauma surgeon who travels monthly, who was scheduled to work the entire week of Christmas, decided this might be the year for a special surprise to our boys—to distract them from the disappointment of "no daddy at Christmas."   This is how we happened onto BoutiqueCats Bengals and our new boy Pip! 

We contacted Kathy and Kelly to discuss their recent litter that would be ready to bring home at the holidays. Although we had done some research, we had many questions and needed to make sure a Bengal cat was the right match for our family and existing pets. From the very beginnings of our conversations, we felt well informed, which made us very comfortable with making this important decision. Kathy and Kelly even helped take pictures of Pip so that we could put together a photo album for our boys to open Christmas Eve! 

Adjusting an older cat, who has gotten used to being the queen of the house, to a busy kitten took some planning and patience.  Kelly and Kathy sent us home with literature and contacted us regularly to assist with that transition. As I type this tonight, our boys are doing their homework, with Pippin making himself a comfortable place next to them at the homework table.

BoutiqueCats Pippin

Pippin is full of life and energy and even our "old Queen Bee" cat is beginning to run and play again.  Pippin is exotic yet a very social interactive member of our family. Even friends who come over and claim "not to be cat people" are intrigued and migrate to Pippin. Even months later, we feel comfortable sending updates or an occasional question to BoutiqueCats Bengals.  They certainly don't just send you out the door with a new kitten and a manual; they stay involved through the entire process. Kelly and Kathy are extremely knowledgeable and love what they do. We can't imagine life without our boy Pippin and thanks to Boutique Bengals, it has been a very positive, special experience and a Christmas our family will cherish forever.

Thank you BoutiqueCats Bengals, 

The West Family


Jeannie Doege, Jan 21, 2013

Our Bengal, Phoebe, is an awesome addition to our family.  Phoebe is great, Kathy!  She is a blast.  Acquired for my birthday by my husband, Phoebe has been the gift that keeps giving.  Her personality is excellent, and she adjusted easily to family life (including loving on our dog, Daisy).  She is the most amusing when she "thunders" into a room.  We think that she thinks she is a dog because she is so friendly.  We've also caught her gnawing on dog bones! Her lines and coloring are so beautiful that many neighbors and friends have commented when they visit.  She makes an excellent indoor cat and has taken to our son; sleeping with him at night.  My husband gave me two choices for my birthday, a kitten or upgrading my engagement/wedding ring set.  In picking Phoebe, I'm sure I made the right choice.