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BoutiqueCats Bengals

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Mission Statement

BoutiqueCats Phoenix, photo by Roxie Palacios

BoutiqueCats Bengals Mission Statement

My name is Kathy Van Der Linden; I’m a retired United States Air Force hospital administrator.  After 28 years’ public service—and buying my first two Bengals in 2007—I determined I wanted to try my hand at being an entrepreneur in the purebred Bengal cat-breeding business…thus, BoutiqueCats Bengals was born in 2008.

I committed to bring my Air Force core values—Integrity, Selfless Service and Excellence—to build a cattery focusing on ethical, responsible breeding practices. My business partner, Kelly Gragido (currently serving the United States for over 30 years in the Air National Guard) and I strive to breed healthy, well-socialized kittens and cats who will provide family companionship in a loving “forever” home.

BoutiqueCats Bengals is dedicated to continuing our education in the Cat Fancy. When possible, we show our promising cats in The International Cat Association (TICA) cat shows, and we participate in guided mentoring with other more- (and less-) experienced breeders. Our goal is to provide up-to-date information to anyone who desires to know more about Bengals, whether purchasing a cat or not.  We pledge to provide ongoing support and mentoring to our extended pet families after placement, to ensure a successful adoption.

BoutiqueCats Bengals is classified as a “hobby breeding” business. We raise—and love—every kitten in our home. Our kittens are socialized to children of all ages (as well as to other cats and dogs); all under my, Kelly’s and our veterinarian’s careful supervision. These animals have become a part of our family, so they may transition easily…and finally…to yours.